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Can You Help Your Senior With Pet Care?

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Aug 29, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Senior_man_dog.-LR.jpgMost of us don't like to ask for help. So we are grateful when others discern a need and offer assistance. If there is a senior in your life, you have probably found this to be true. And one specific area they might not mention is pet care. They love the companionship their pet provides, and might be afraid that if they tell you the responsibilities are becoming too difficult, you might try to take the pet away. But is it possible for you to get the conversation started and see if you can help with pet care? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Think about the potential financial burden. If you can, find out what kind of food the pet eats and buy it from time to time. 
  • If they have a dog, offer to take it for walks on specific days each week, or maybe just let your senior know your availability when they are not feeling so well. 
  • Maybe they are having trouble remembering to care for the duties involved. Perhaps you can call to see if they fed or walked their pet, etc. There are also pet care apps and devices that can be used as tools for reminders.
  • Meals on Wheels has pet programs that provide food, supplies, vet care, and more. Find out if there is one nearby.
  • If possible, make a discreet visual inspection of the pet and its area of the home. If you notice issues with cleanliness or an unhealthy appearance, tactfully ask if there is anything you can do.

In the end, your senior might not be able to keep their beloved pet. But, if it is in your power to help them keep their treasured companion, you will be so glad you did.

At Caring Senior Service, our expert staff is comprised of extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and trusted professionals who take pride in helping your loved one manage their daily activities. Contact us today to learn more!

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